How we help

It’s not easy running a creative technology or digital marketing firm. Small projects aren’t always profitable, but you may be too small to go after the big projects. You need to make decisions about who to hire, and what partners to bring on board.

Freelancers can reduce the profitability of a project, and employees can be expensive if you can’t sustain the project flow.

Covalent is an on-demand, virtual studio serving small and medium-sized firms. Our global network of developers, User experience (UX) pros, and graphic designers give growing businesses the ability to accept low-budget jobs – but still profit.

Firms, not freelancers

When you look for a partner, you need reliability. Freelancers are fine for some jobs, but for projects, you want a partner with a deep bench and the discipline to deliver. Covalent’s network of design and development firms have project management and QA competencies built in, reducing your management overhead. Our global network of firms are typically less expensive than US-based freelancers and offer the quality and support that comes from working with a mature firm.


Covalent serves professional services – ad agencies, design firms, development shops and consultancies. We do not accept RFPs from corporations or large organizations. Our cost structure is your advantage, not your competition.