B2B Platform


The largest jewelry maker in Romania, Coriolan directly sells engagement and wedding rings. As the largest manufacturer of jewelry, they maintain a network of distributors and wanted a new, easy to use B2B platform, dedicated to partners.


The team researched how distributors and retailers order jewelry and identified opportunities to improve usability. An innovation our Romanian partner brought to the project is the fast order page. Partners can search for a specific product by code, and the results displayed include options that can be chosen. In this way, a quick order can be made, without the user having to access the product page.


Coriolan’s partners can create user accounts and sub-accounts and choose the rights specific to each account or sub-account. Integration with ERP allows real-time visualization of the status of all orders and payments. The platform allows the visualization of the stocks of materials, and the price of the products is customized and is calculated dynamically, depending on the options chosen by the user (width, font, number of stones, finish, delivery date, etc.).