Enhancing Customer Satisfaction


Eaton Corporation is a 100-plus year old manufacturing firm that has grown and changed its business mix throughout its history. Through multiple acquisitions and news businesses, the company had an inconsistent and difficult to use collection of websites. The company’s leadership had a project to harmonize the appearance of its websites, but customer satisfaction was low. Eaton wanted to improve the customer experience for its most visible sales tool.


Competitive Analysis and an Expert Review was performed to understand the site’s structure. The team quickly realized there was a significant flaw in the site’s information architecture – there was no easy path to products and services that customers were looking for. Instead, customers were expected to know what business unit produced their desired product, and then locate their product. This flaw was compounded by the fact that the company had business unites with similar names, overlapping product categories, and frequently reorganized.

We implemented a new site structure, with updated navigation that provided high visibility to the content available on the site. Usability testing confirmed our design assumptions.


Typically when a website is redesigned and relaunched, there is a small dip in customer satisfaction. In this case, there was no decline in customer satisfaction, instead the scores increased by 20 points on a 100 point scale.