Event Management


When it comes to organizing a conference, a complete management system is very important to ensure the success of the event.


Recognizing that there was a need to improve the lives of event planners, our partner created ConfPACK, a conference management system, designed to help the organizing team. ConfPACK is an intuitive application that can be accessed from mobile and desktop devices.

ConfPACK has two different packages. The first package, ConfBasic, offers access to an intuitive administration interface, from which you can manage your registrations and view your statistics in real time. In addition, it offers a landing page with conference packages and a complete database with all subscribers. The ConfPremium package offers extra benefits: online payment integration, multiple users with different rights to use the application, billing and an extra-landing page featuring guests and the conference program.


ConfPACK is a tool that allows easy registration management and offers a competitive advantage to the organizers. If you are organizing a conference or event, choose an application that helps the whole team – contact us to use ConfPACK for your next event!