Working with Covalent

A proven process from beginning to end

How do we integrate innovation with quality software development? By using a repeatable system based on the User Centered Design process, we put user needs at the center of our ideation and technology activities.

Covalent's delivery process.


In this phase, we interview the business owners who are ultimately responsible for for the success of the project. We work to understand the business environment, industry, and critical success factors from the perspective of the sponsoring organization.


After discovery, we begin to plan an approach for success. We identify key user-focused questions, areas that need further research, and identify dependencies for design and development. A primary output of this phase is a problem statement, project charter, and high-level plan.


In this phase, we execute a research plan employing any number of methods to help us address ‘the unknowns’ that may impact the success of the project and user adoption. We seek to ensure that we are designing the right solution for the end-user.


Armed with insights from customer research, we identify opportunities to delight customers, increase the competitiveness of the project, and find new solutions. This iterative process helps to find the best solutions to our project’s problem — not the most obvious.


Sometimes the most innovative ideas are too innovative — they don’t conform to a user’s existing model, or the market isn’t ready for the solution. History is littered with products that while technically good, were rejected by customers – just search for the “product flop” to see what we mean. In the validation phase, we test prototypes of our solutions with real customers to ensure we are designing a solution that meets the project goals and will be readily adopted by end-users.


Up to this point, our efforts have been focused on mitigating risk, containing cost and timelines, and finding opportunities for competitive differentiation. With this information, a detailed specification is crafted to facilitate efficient, fast, and high-quality development. By following our process we avoid rework and delays.