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Going Global

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Access to global talent has long been available only to the largest firms. Covalent has established relationships with firms throughout the world who are eager to provide services to American firms of all sizes. Our ability to identify quality providers is an advantage American firms can use to accept small budget jobs, scale up for large jobs, or simply add skills and capabilities on demand.

A critical concern when outsourcing services internationally is maintaining quality, confidentiality and timelines. Covelent’s project management is in the US, and all work produced for a project is of course, property of the client. To encourage quality, we only work with established international firms – we are not a revolving door for freelancers. We also vet our firms carefully — our relationships go back 10 years or more in some cases, and Covalent’s management has visited the business locations of our partner firms to verify their professionalism and capacity.

Your point of contact will be in the US and they will manage the workflow and relationship. You do not need to learn a new language or take meetings in the middle of the night. Covalent provides a single point for running projects internationally.