About Covalent

When the largest companies in the world have challenges, Covalent provides the insight, innovation methodology, and development capability to deliver competitive advantages that customers love. Companies like Pfizer, Dell Technologies, Rio Tinto, and Orange S.A. as well as numerous startups have benefited from our user-centered approach to solutions.

We are an international studio with a mission of helping startups, established companies, and creative firms succeed. We have worked in large corporations, startups, independent agencies and higher education. Our industry experience is wide, including aviation, SaaS, healthcare, manufacturing and others.

About Ben Woods, Founder and President

Ben Woods is an internationally recognized design leader. He has collaborated with international companies and talent. He helped to form, train, and manage a digital design team in India, worked with an electronics startup that developed an electrical engineering capability in central Europe, partnered with data scientists from Australia, and provided consulting and training in Eastern Europe.

Ben’s roles have been similarly diverse. He has been a leader in large corporations, an executive at a software firm, a faculty member in higher education, and an independent consultant. In each of his positions, he saw the challenges facing businesses of all sizes. Among those challenges: combining design and technology effectively to deliver results while mitigating project risks. Ben founded Covalent to make user-centered design and innovation available to more organizations, and to deliver quality technology products.