About Covalent

We are a virtual studio with the mission of helping startups, mid-size companies, and creative firms succeed. Our partners have worked in large corporations, startups, independent agencies and higher education. Our industry experience is wide, including aviation, SaaS, healthcare, manufacturing and others.

Ben Woods

Throughout his career, Ben Woods has collaborated with international companies and talent. He helped to form, train, and manage a digital design team in India, worked with an electronics startup that developed an electrical engineering capability in central Europe, partnered with data scientists from Australia, and provided consulting and training in Eastern Europe.

Ben’s roles have been similarly diverse. He has been a leader in large corporations, an executive at a software firm, a faculty member in higher education, and an independent consultant. In each of his positions, he saw the challenges facing businesses of all sizes. Among those challenges: finding quality talent, affordable resources, and trying to accommodate clients with small budgets. Ben launched Covalent to provide access to exceptional talent from around the world to clients in the United States.

Armand B.

Armand started his firm in 2005. Armand is interested in the intersection of technology and sports entrepreneurship. Located in Romania, his team of 20 developers and designers provides full-stack development with a strong analytical and strategic business orientation.

As managing partner at his firm, Armand takes pride in building up a small web design and web development studio that has thrived by engaging in challenging projects over the last 15 years.
Armand’s firm specializes in designing and implementing websites, e-commerce projects, web and mobile apps, with a high focus on optimization, performance and usability. Armand’s firm works with the largest producer of wedding and engagement rings in Romania, several US companies, and has launched their own SaaS products.

Mahesh B.

Mahesh has a wealth of experience in creative design. He has worked with Walt Disney Interactive, Eaton Corporation, and other creative firms. His firm specializes in graphic design, animation, 3D animation, and video production.

Mahesh’s firm was founded in 2015 and has produced work for a variety of clients and festivals in the United States and India. In addition to website design, graphic design, video, and animation, Mahesh’s team specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing.