Design Consulting

We Make Technology Work for People

Covalent drives business growth by increasing revenue and reducing costs. Our user-centered approach de-risks projects, ensuring success through strategic innovation.

Whether they’re the largest companies in the world or startups, organizations trust Covalent to deliver customer-focused solutions that drive business outcomes.

We deliver superior customer experiences.

Our proven process is simple. Start with customer delight, and work upstream from there. When we focus on customer outcomes, business outcomes follow.

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User Experience (UX) Research and Design

Designing products that people love doesn’t happen by accident – it’s the result of a process that integrates research with iterative design.

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Digital Transformation workshop

Digital Transformation

Effective digital transformation is much more than simply picking a software vendor and launching a new digital experience.

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Technology Development

Covalent’s technology capabilities are flexible and deliver reliable, solutions for clients and budgets of all sizes.

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Who We Are

Based in Akron and worldwide.

Covalent Studio is based in Akron, Ohio and relies on an international network of professionals to deliver powerful results at affordable rates.

Our founder, Ben Woods, is an internationally recognized expert on design, technology, and their strategic application to business goals. Ben has spoken to and facilitated training for organizations in the US, Europe, and Singapore.

Discounts for startup business consulting and delivery.

We’ve worked with startups to establish value propositions and strategies for commercialization. Our flexible pricing model can help you realize your entrepreneurial goals.

Our Experience

We have a track record of innovative solutions.

Our process ensures successful outcomes across multiple industries.

Operationalizing Big Data

When data scientists built a big-data capability to optimize operations at the world’s largest copper mine, Covalent met with users and designed prototype software to ensure its ease of use.

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Train Yard

Tracking Fuel Economy Globally

A recent development project leveraged a client’s on-board sensors and API to build a dashboard giving a comprehensive view of CO2 savings and fuel efficiency for locomotive fleets.

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Medical Education

Transforming Medical Education

As part of our Digital Transformation offering, we collaborated with a leading events company during the CoVid-19 pandemic, as they transitioned from live events, to online education.

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Product Visualization

What’s better than seeing a product before you buy it? Experiencing it.

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Tissue Sample

De-risking Product Launches

When one of the world’s largest makers of medical imaging equipment developed a revolutionary new product, they asked us to help them validate customer acceptance before launch.

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The Digital Club Experience

We delivered an innovative experience that connected people online – and off.

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