From idea to launch.

From idea to launch.

Covalent is a virtual studio providing research, design, and development capabilities to startups, creative firms and mid-sized companies.


We apply our expertise to deliver quality solutions, including e-commerce, websites, branding, and mobile apps.
Mobile Apps


User Experience (UX)
Designing products that people love doesn't happen by accident - it's the result of a process that integrates research with iterative design. User Experience is...
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Covalent’s technology capabilities deliver reliable, defect-free solutions for clients of all sizes. If you can dream it, we can build it. We work with a...
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Our partners have created dynamic creative solutions for B2B firms, entertainment, and other industries. We can provide a variety of services including: Branding and Logo...
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Covalent's partners have years of experience in teaching in higher education and in conducting corporate training. We’ve built, trained, and led design and research teams....
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COVID-19 and e-Commerce

With the government orders to close physical facilities the ability of brick-and-mortar stores to generate goodwill by merely being present with an open door will be eliminated when foot traffic is zero, and small retailers...
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For Mid-sized Companies

Mid-sized companies face challenges in scaling up. They may not be large enough to establish a mature design or technology capability, and may lack the network to build a shared services center outside the United...
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For Creative Firms

Running a firm that specializes in marketing, design, advertising, and similar creative agencies is a challenge. Budgets are always tight, and you can’t predict what technology needs your client may bring you. Covalent’s low cost...
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A selection of our work is available below. Please contact us for more details and examples.

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