Transforming Medical Education

NOTE: Case Studies are redacted to protect client confidentiality.

Background: When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted its core events business, our client, a billion-dollar exhibitions and events company, sought to accelerate the growth of its e-learning division. Recognizing the challenges of this digital transformation, they engaged us to assess their learning management system (LMS), customer onboarding, and instructional design capabilities.

Process: Our initial heuristic analysis exposed integration weaknesses between the company’s Student Information System (SIS) and LMS, creating a poor onboarding experience for learners. A deeper technology audit uncovered critical log errors hindering account creation and course purchases. Beyond this, we identified potential in enhancing course design and sales policies to drive revenue and streamline delivery.

Following this analysis, we led the successful selection and implementation of a new, eCommerce-optimized LMS. To manage costs, we strategically analyzed learner activity and access permissions before migration. This targeted approach reduced the need to migrate inactive users, saving the client significant expense and improving the ability to engage active learners.

Hundreds of courses required prioritized migration. Complicating this, access rights were often loosely managed. We collaborated with the client to update business rules around content licensing, ultimately reducing waste and creating new revenue streams.

Status: As of 2023, the new LMS is a success, learners are actively migrating, and the firm’s recent acquisition positions them to fully leverage the enhanced capabilities, accelerating their digital-first strategy.

Above: At the outset of our engagement, we conducted comprehensive heuristic analyses of the client’s primary digital properties, where we identified critical usability issues.

Above: Initial wireframes were developed as part of the process to redesign the client’s new LMS.