Product Visualization

NOTE: Case Studies are redacted to protect client confidentiality.

Background: Covalent recently revolutionized the horticultural purchasing experience. Inspired by furniture industry “Room Builder” tools, our client envisioned a dynamic 3D environment where customers could design their ideal hydroponics setup. Users can customize room size, tables, irrigation, and even plant spacing – all with immersive zoom, pan, and rotate capabilities. Best of all, one click seamlessly adds their custom design to an e-commerce cart!

Process: We carefully selected a JavaScript library for 3D rendering and developed meticulous code to manage the placement, sizing, and rotation of objects. Thousands of potential combinations demanded precision and attention to detail.

Status: This groundbreaking experience highlights our client’s ongoing commitment to technology-driven buyer innovation.

Above: Detail view of a dynamically built virtual ‘grow room’.

Above: Our interface combined a 3D rendering engine with an e-commerce capability.