The Digital Club Experience

NOTE: Case Studies are redacted to protect client confidentiality.

Background: A retired NFL star with a passion for nightlife had a unique vision: an app that lets you send a drink to anyone, anywhere within the same venue! Understanding the business potential, he enlisted us to craft a strategy for investors and partners.

Process: We carefully analyzed the user journey, finding pain points and identifying opportunities for both user delight and monetization. The app emerged as a temporary, location-based social network – think instant connection at the local bar, a bustling festival, or even between friends across state lines. Security was paramount, so we designed features for blocking unwanted advances and discreet requests for assistance.

Recognizing our client’s need for cost-effective development, we leveraged our offshore partners to build the app on time and within budget.

Status: The app launched successfully, and our client is now actively seeking funding and building partnerships with venues eager to enhance the social experience for their patrons.

Above: Branding was part of the experience we designed.

Above: The OnFy interface encourages engagement and connections.