Background: Our client, one of the world’s largest providers of medical imaging equipment and had developed a new product around a process innovation. This new product would have the ability to increase speed for medical testing while not compromising on quality. With three competing pieces of marketing material, the client wanted to determine which one would resonate the most with the target audience, and what components of the materials were most effective.

Process: Over two weeks, we interviewed several prospective users and purchasers of the equipment. Working with the creative marketing team, the marketing materials were iterated based on our progressive feedback throughout the research project.

Status: We gained insight into the budgeting and purchasing cycles for this category of medical equipment, determined which value propositions were most compelling, confirmed whether the value proposition was truly a compelling competitive advantage, and identified copy and imagery that were most effective at communicating the benefits of the product. The client was able to report on and incorporate our findings in their go to market communications and strategy.

NOTE: Case Studies are redacted to protect client confidentiality.

Slide 1 of findings

Above: Sample from our analysis describing insights generated from customer interviews.

Slide of findings number 2

Above: Summary of findings.