NOTE: Case Studies are redacted to protect client confidentiality.

One of the world’s largest international firms specializing in the building of diesel locomotives and software to manage the operation of trains and fleets. In a sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) project, the client’s internal team had developed a custom built API that collected data from on-locomotive sensors that could present utilization and fuel efficiency data to fleet operators.

Our team took the demonstration API and designed an attractive, usable dashboard that communicated the fuel efficiency, and estimated CO2 savings generated through the use of locomotives.

Process: Over several weeks, we worked with the client’s technical team in Inda to understand their API, designed a solution in the United States, and had our front end developers in Romania execute the UI in conformance with the client’s design system.

Status: The goal of this engagement was to build a pilot for demonstration purposes which would be used to garner additional funding for the program.

Fuel Tracking Dashboard

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