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Background: Based in California, FloraFlex specializes in the manufacture and distribution of hydroponics equipment for the cannabis industry. The founder of the company was inspired by Ikea’s Room Builder, and observed that a similar experience could help drive demand for the company’s products.

Process: After establishing the specific business requirements, and identifying opportunities to use the proposed tool to drive more traffic to the company’s website, we identified the appropriate technology for dynamically designing and rendering three-dimensional rooms. Utilizing my network of developers, I subcontracted software development work to my colleagues in Romania. 

Status: The FloraFlex Room Builder launched, and allows prospective customers to dynamically build a 3D rendering of a growing space. It is able to accommodate small spaces for hobbyists as well as medium to large industrial concerns. After a prospective customer has configured their space with the tool, a single click adds the required products to their shopping cart for a frictionless experience.

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